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Chantelle Atkins

I am a mother of four, and have been writing for as long as I can remember. As a child I wrote for t...

Some of our Retail Partners

Autharium Publishing eBook retail partners

Autharium authors 

  • Receive 85% of net sales
  • Have global distribution to retailers and libraries
  • Can create, Edit and Review - all online
  • Sell direct from their Autharium page
  • Access sales analytics and promotion tools
  • Receive monthly royalty payments
  • Every book gets an ISBN and registration with Nielsen

Create, perfect and distribute

  • Upload your ebook file and cover, release for review and perfect with our in-page editor.
  • Invite your friends and the Autharium community to refine your book.
  • Complete a profile and let your readers connect with you and sell to them directly.
  • Submit your final work for publication review
  • Your eBook will be distributed to 100's of retailers and libraries globally 

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