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Judith Gordon never thought of herself as being a creative person - as a barrister working in big companies travelling the world, she felt that creativity was for wimps. Twenty years on and three books later, she now thinks differently: 'I didn't know how fulfilling writing would be', she says, 'Nor how difficult. I mean, it can be really heartbreaking to have to find the words for some of the scenes in my books but, because I'm writing about soldiers in a cruel and troubled world, I must be true to my characters and have to steel myself to put the words on the screen even though, sometimes, I can hardly see the keyboard for tears. There are great consolations though, because I also get to write funny scenes and, sometimes, I have the satisfaction of giving a nasty character a suitably horrible end'.

When she's not writing, Judith likes to relax by cooking for her family and friends and loves going to the cinema with her husband, Ray, where her favourite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavour is chocolate brownie. Judith and Ray are privileged to share their home with their grey whippet, Hugo.

Other Works

Moments in Time: Chronicles of Eternity No. I

A hypnosis session in a candlelit room opens the door to the long lost world of Nero’s Empire in the first century A.D. where the young Auxiliary Centurion, Graecus, and his men struggle to uphold the honourable principles of their General and to survive the vicious politics of a corrupt age. Through the opening of this portal into ancient times the day to day life of the soldiers - the dangers they faced, the food they ate, their deep comradeship, laughter and victories - is revealed and how, amid the perils of a turbulent world, a love was found which would echo across...

Glimpses of Eternity: Chronicles of Eternity No. IV

The woman smiled at the subject and said gently, ‘You’re still in the life as Graecus and you’re in Rome and you’ve had the letter from Flavius, the letter about the lost Standard. What happened next?’

The past life regression taking place in a darkened room continues taking Graecus and a handful of his men back to Britannia in a desperate attempt to salvage not only the Centurions’s reputation but also that of their beloved General. All is not as it seems, though, and treacherous hidden forces conspire to thwart their escape from the lands of the Ordovices, the We...

The Weight of Time: Chronicles of Eternity No. II

The subject’s eyes moved rapidly under their closed lids, searching, searching, searching. The candle guttered in the breeze coming through the gaps in the shutters. ‘We’re on a beach.’
Continuing the hypnotism session which opened the door to the troubled world of Graecus and his men, auxiliaries in Nero’s Imperial Army, the story now moves to the misty shores of Britannia where they must cross hundreds of miles of dangerous territory to join with the legionary forces of General Suetonius Paulinus in fighting the vastly superior numbers of Boudicca’s rebellious tribes...

A Capital Time: Chronicles of Eternity No. III

The woman sat opposite and said, 'You are still in the life as Graecus the Centurion. You have defeated Boudicca, you are with your century and with your beloved son, Germanicus. Take me to the next important scene in that life. Where do you need to go now?'
In a darkened room, the hypnotised subject undergoing regression takes Graecus back to the place he has avoided for so long and least wishes to be - Rome.
In this book, the Auxiliary Centurion and his men visit the capital of the ancient world to take part in General Suetonius's ovation. The reader goes with them...

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